Keep your lighting in flawless condition, and track compliance easily with Octopus

Maintaining the lighting in your properties isn’t a task anyone can do – it requires specialist expertise and equipment to get the job done safely. Happily, we can provide both here at High Security Group. Our accredited experts have all the skills, qualifications and equipment necessary to keep your lighting systems in optimum condition, and we’re able to supply and install any new lamps or fittings your properties might require. After our initial survey, we can also perform regular further check-ups at your request, as part of a Planned Preventative Maintenance contract.

In addition to our specialist expertise and services, you can also benefit from our revolutionary Octopus platform, which we’ve designed to simplify the administrative side of property management. Essentially, it acts as a hub for all relevant documentation and records. That means no more wasted time hunting down specific forms or data – instead, everything is gathered for you in one place, allowing you to quickly and easily upload, access or retrieve anything you might need.

Octopus also gives you an overview of all your properties, so you can see the exact status of any pending, upcoming or required maintenance jobs on all your buildings, as well as any that are currently active. This overview allows you to check your overall compliance rating with just a glance, so you know exactly what needs to be done to achieve full compliance. Easy, simple and efficient – that’s Octopus.

There are many more ways we can help. Get in touch today and let’s get started.

High Security Group’s work in designing and installing security systems to keep our staff and customers safe has made a huge positive impact on our business. Their knowledge and skill ensures we are protected 24 hours a day, and along with their facilities management support our stores have never looked better or been more secure.

Nigel Ward, Head of Property, IQOS