Property Consultancy

With decades of experience behind them, our expert Property Consultants are at your disposal

With a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise, our team of highly experienced property experts utilise our own network of specialists to lead your store acquisition programme, and manage your existing property portfolio. Our experience allows us to take care of the most time-consuming or complex property management tasks or administration, ultimately making everything simpler and easier for you.

We tailor our services to suit your organisation’s changing requirements, and can provide property search, lease negotiation, rent reviews, lease re-gears and break options.┬áTogether, we make the right choices to improve profit, enhance value and control risk.

Our property consultants work in a way that suits you; we can provide a wholly outsourced solution, or alternatively we can directly support your in-house staff (including your property, operations and finance teams) to identify opportunities for improvement, reduce property costs and maximise return on investment.

We are also able to review the effectiveness of your existing property management strategies, and evaluate their current implementation. We achieve this using a combination of condition surveys, specialist investigations and validations.

Additionally, we provide accurate data about each asset, and create comprehensive and objective asset management database systems. These are designed to help you understand your properties more clearly, make more informed decisions as to their maintenance, establish key priorities, and manage your portfolios with maximum efficiency.

There are many more ways we can help. Get in touch today and let’s get started.

High Security Group’s work in designing and installing security systems to keep our staff and customers safe has made a huge positive impact on our business. Their knowledge and skill ensures we are protected 24 hours a day, and along with their facilities management support our stores have never looked better or been more secure.

Nigel Ward, Head of Property, IQOS