Legionella Assessment

Safeguard your people and property from legionella, and track compliance easily with Octopus

Left unchecked, the Legionella bacteria can multiply and pose a serious threat to human health. When inhaled, the bacteria can cause Legionnaires Disease, a respiratory illness and a potentially fatal form of pneumonia. Here at High Security Group, our experts are dedicated to preventing that. Our wealth of specialist knowledge and experience allows us to swiftly identify risks and danger zones where the legionella bacteria may be breeding, so that urgent remedial action can be taken to protect you, your clients and your staff.

In addition to this unrivalled level of service, our clients also benefit from our revolutionary Octopus platform, which we’ve designed to simplify the administrative side of legionella assessments. Essentially, it acts as a hub for all relevant legislation, documentation and records. That means no more wasted time hunting down specific forms – instead, everything is gathered for you in one place, allowing you to quickly and easily upload, access or retrieve anything you might need. (This is especially critical where the legionella bacteria is concerned, as detailed records and organisation can make all the difference to safety and human health).

Octopus also gives you a clear overview of all your properties, so you can see the exact status of any active, pending or required legionella assessments on all your buildings. This allows you to check your overall compliance rating with just a glance – so you know exactly what needs to be done to achieve full compliance. Easy, simple and efficient – that’s Octopus.

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High Security Group’s work in designing and installing security systems to keep our staff and customers safe has made a huge positive impact on our business. Their knowledge and skill ensures we are protected 24 hours a day, and along with their facilities management support our stores have never looked better or been more secure.

Nigel Ward, Head of Property, IQOS