High Security Group help desk provides a 24/7 service. Automated incident and problem management processes enable us to respond quickly and efficiently to conditions that disrupt business services.

Our help desk will:

  • Provide one point of contact
  • Identify root causes to eliminate recurring incidents
  • Track performance against service level agreements to ensure that commitments are met
  • Distinguish single-occurrence incidents from longer-term, in-depth root cause analyses
  • Identify lines-of-business or business processes that are affected by incidents and problems
  • Increase business satisfaction with service quality
  • Identify trends, address problems and continue to meet service expectations

High Security Group’s work in designing and installing security systems to keep our staff and customers safe has made a huge positive impact on our business. Their knowledge and skill ensures we are protected 24 hours a day, and along with their facilities management support our stores have never looked better or been more secure.

Nigel Ward, Head of Property, IQOS